Thursday, October 06, 2011

Day 7: Cupcake wrappers

Of course you've seen printed cupcake liners, but cupcake wrappers are all the rage now!  They're very simple...they just wrap around your cupcake on top of your liner.

Below are some simple, cupcakes.  They did not use any fancy tip or frosting technique, but look how much cuter they look simply by adding a cupcake wrapper.

Blue Damask Cupcake Wrap

When I couldn't find the western cupcake wrappers I needed, I just decided to make my own.  If that idea scares you, DON'T let it!!

All I did was grab some random cupcake wrappers from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby and used them as a template.  Then I found scrapbooking paper that matched my western theme and voila!  After tracing them, cutting them out and using 1 small piece of tape to connect them, I was really happy with how they turned out!

Whatcha think?!
You can buy cupcake wrappers at any local craft store that sells cake & baking supplies, but remember you can make your own...and for probably cheaper!!

Happy baking!

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