Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 21: Piping gel (a real magic trick!)

I learned this trick through a cake decorating class I took last year.  For someone who can barely draw a stick person, this is THE answer!

I'll use the same cake from yesterday.

This is what I want to draw on top of the cake.
Ok, I realize this doesn't really go with the any way.  In an attempt to find a flower of some sort, this is all I could find.  You want to find a design that is simple and not too many details.  Put a piece of parchment paper on top of your design.  Then set up your piping gel.
Piping gel is a clear, thick goo like substance (like my technical terms?!)  It is about $3- $4 at your local craft store.  Tint it with food coloring the same color as your icing.

Put it in a pastry bag with a very small tip (number 1 or 2).
Use the pastry bag to trace your design on the parchment paper.
Next transfer the design onto your cake face down.
I used a small paintbrush to lightly apply pressure to make sure it stuck to the cake.  Slowly peel the parchment paper off and then use your icing, trace the design made by the piping gel.
Umm...oops!  Make sure you choose a design that, when flipped, is still the same orientation.  I don't think Apple would approve of this!

But do you see the possibilities with this?!?!  You can now add any design to a cake even with having no artistic ability!

Go out and buy some piping gel today!

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