Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 15: Ideas

Today will be a combination of 31 Days and Saturday welcome!

If I have to make a cake or cupcakes, one of the first things I do is scour the internet for images and ideas.  Here are some of my favorites:

i am baker

My Cake School

And Everything Sweet


Cupcakes Take the Cake


If you clicked through any of those you might be intimidated, but here's how you have to think about it:  ya know how when you see a fashion runway show and the models come out wearing crazy stuff?

Well, cake and cupcake designs are the same way.  For example, when I look at the model above I like the color combination of the green and red.  I also like the ruffle texture...not necessarily on the whole entire outfit, but maybe as an accent.  So when you look through these blogs, look for parts or colors that you could incorporate into your cake.

...and just for kicks, if you've not see Cake Wrecks, you're in for a real laugh!  And you can read about how I met Jen, the author of the blog.

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Kristen said...

Those are some great baking sites to reference. Oh, the joys of the Internet!

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