Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 14: Travel tip

Today's post will not exactly help you in the kitchen, but once you've made your lovely masterpiece, it will help you transport it to your grand event that will blow everyone away.

This is so simple but when I discovered this, it made my life so much easier and less stressful as I transported cupcakes, cakes and sometimes 3 to 4 tiered cakes.  Being single, it's not like I've got a husband to drive me while I hold the cake nice and steady.  Nope...I've got to set it on floorboard and pray for straight roads and light traffic.

This has changed that!

Cut out a piece of shelf liner like the kind pictured below.  You can find it any where shelf liners are sold.  It's kind of rubber-y.  This doesn't have to be neat or measured.

  Then, just place it on your floorboard and put your cake or cupcakes on top and you're now ready to take those curves at 80 miles per hour!  Although I haven't tried it, I assume it would work for casserole type dishes too.


HopefulLeigh said...

That is a fantastic tip!

Maureen said...

Great tip! It would be too sad to see your masterpiece turned to mush en route to the party!

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