Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday Stumbles

Welcome to the weekend!! Very much looking forward to just chillin' (like a villian!) Not so much looking forward to the papers I brought home to grade. Ugh.

Chore Chart & Allowance for Pre-schoolers
My friend Mary has a great idea to teach your little ones the value of money.

Is Whitney Houston in Heaven?
I was glued to the computer screen last weekend watching the Whitney Houston funeral. Yep, all 4 hours of it. Such a sad thing that happened to her. This is an interesting article that also addresses how the church handles things that Whitney struggled with.

Cure for Itchy Legs

My body (at the ripe old age of 35) has fallen victim to yet another travesty...dry, itchy legs. This has NEVER been a problem with me. Ever. So imagine my shock when a few weeks ago I noticed after working out that my legs had begun to itch something awful. I gave it some time and it never went away. There were no scars or rashes really, just a very bad need to itch my legs and only my legs. I racked my brain to figure out this new dilemma. Poison Ivy? Bug bites? Nothing made sense because it was only my legs and just the bottom part.

Well, when I ran across this post by The Pioneer Woman, it was as if the Heavens had parted and the angels broke out in the Hallelujah chorus. I've only tried it once but I'm liking the results already. Any advice from my fellow itchy leggers out there?

Guess I'm kind of light on the stumbles this week. Probably because I couldn't pull myself away from scratching my legs raw long enough to read many blogs this week. Hopefully I'll have more next week! So until then, I'll just read all the good ones you all found! Link up below!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saturday Stumbles

Woo-hoo! Two days off of work making a 4 day weekend? Yep, I'll take it!

DIY Stainless Steel Makeover
Transform your ugly black dishwasher into that stainless steel one you've always wanted.

101 Fun Activities to Do With Your Child
What a fun list! Literally, there are 101 things listed here for you to do. Everything from writing and mailing a letter to someone special to visiting a nursing home or hospital.

Faux Brushed Nickel Letter Tutorial
Make cardboard look like brushed nickel.

E is for Explore!
I came across this site on Pinterest and found some great stuff to use in my class, but this would also be great for homeschooling.

When a Comment Breaks Your Heart
A raw look at the emotions of singleness...a topic I know all too well.

Come join the rest of us and link up below with what you think we just have to read!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday Stumbles

Need a few last minute Valentines Day ideas?  I found some super simple ones that you could easily pull off this weekend in time for the big day!

101 Valentines Ideas under $5
These are great!  Here are just a couple:

If you don't really want to give out candy, there's Valentines ideas for glue sticks, scissors, straws, post-its and more!

These would make a really cute teacher treat :)

Subway art is all the rage right now.  It's just a cheap and really cute way to dress up your mantle, desk, dresser...just about anything!

A great alternate to all the candy.

Now it's your turn!  Check out my guidelines, then link up below:

Friday, February 03, 2012

Saturday Stumbles

So it's the weekend of the big game! Do you have Super Bowl plans? I'm not really that in to football (although you probably can't tell by this post as it is mostly Super Bowl links!), but I'll probably flip over to see the national anthem and half time show!

Speaking of the "big game", did you know that there are so many rules and regulations of what you can and can't say? It's crazy!
"Don't Use Super Bowl..."

...and even rules on hosting a party!
Church Super Bowl party

One of the local radio stations here in town wrote about what they can and can not say.

Here's a little something for the kids:
Games for the kiddos

And then, this one is totally random but I thought it was such a great idea!
Picture books on YouTube

Link up below and share what you've found this week!

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