Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 31: Halloween cupcakes

I can't believe it's day 31 and I actually managed to blog ALL 31 days!!  This was definitely trying at times and there were most certainly days where I wanted to just skip posting, but I managed to get past it and post something everyday. 

This was something I needed to do.  Not anything to do with blogging, but I needed this lesson in perseverance and willpower.  I have really struggled with that lately and it has come across in my weight and in my relationship with the Lord.

[Wow...this just got heavy for a blog series about baking!]

Now I'm motivated to get into gear!!

Ok, now onto the baking!  If you're in need of a last minute Halloween treat, these little cupcakes are easy peasy!

I used mini cupcakes, but you could also do full size cupcakes.  I iced it with a round tip making a tall peak.  If you don't have cake tips, you could also use a freezer bag.  For the eyes, I used MINI-chocolate chips found in the baking section at your local grocery store.

You don't need Ghostbusters for these little guys!  I'm sure they'll get gone in a hurry!

Thank you so much to those who followed me this month.  I do NOT claim to be an excellent baker.  I have just found a few tips that I want to share along with you.  Thank you to The Nester for hosting the 31 Day Challenge.


Cindy Golden said...

Too cute. And I have followed your baking blog for all 31 posts! You did a great job and I learned alot!
Take care,

Kristen said...

Congrats, Staci! You (we!) did it! It is amazing that it's the end of October already. It was a long but short month, wasn't it? Great job with your series. I loved it!

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