Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day 10: Cookie sandwiches

Today's little baking secret is sure to be a hit!  Cookies and doesn't get any better!

Simply bake a batch of your favorite cookies.  No need to get all "homemade" here, just use break and bakes.  Let them cool completely.

Choose 2 cookies about the same size and put a layer of frosting between them.  In a pinch, the canned frosting works just as well as the homemade kind.  Don't skimp, though, on the amount of frosting.  When the cookies are sandwiched together you want it to stick out of the sides.

Next, pour some sprinkles out on a flat surface.  I normally pour mine out on a piece of wax or parchment paper because then I can pour the leftovers back in the container.  In the picture below, I put them on a plate because I didn't care about saving them...I was trying to use them up.

Then you just roll the edge of the cookie in the sprinkles.  Be sure that all the frosting is covered with your sprinkles.

And the finished product is just as delicious as it looks!  Such a great addition to any party!

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