Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Day 5: Abstract Cupcake Characters

 One thing I am terrible at is drawing.  I can barely draw a stick figure.  This also applies to drawing with icing.  I have a hard time writing and especially drawing pictures with icing.

But I know how to get around it.

I just use patterns and colors.

Don't understand what that means?  Let me show you...

I had to do a party for my friend Amanda with a puppet theme.  Of course some of the most famous puppets of all being Sesame Street!  Well, there's no way I could draw Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and the rest of the gang.  So I just used their colors and patterns on the cupcake.

Can you pick out the Sesame Street characters??

For Bert and Ernie, I used the stripes on their shirts, for Cookie Monster I used blue icing and placed a mini-cookie on top, for Elmo I used red icing and the spackling technique and then placed a jeallybean on top for his nose.  Check out the whole post with more pictures and details.

More recently, I did another party for my BFF Amanda.  This was a Toy Story 3 party.  She wanted a combination of Woody/Buzz Lightyear.  No way could I try Woody or Buzz, so I remembered what I did for the puppet party and did the same thing. 

The top picture is the Woody cupcakes.  I used the colors in this shirt by using yellow icing with red sprinkles on top.  The boot is a chocolate candy I made by melting chocolate and pouring it into a boot mold I got from a local cake store.  The wood looking wrappers around the cupcakes are just scrapbooking paper that I wrapped around. (don't worry...cupcake wrappers will be an upcoming post!)

The bottom picture is the Buzz cupcakes.  Once again, I just used the colors from Buzz's costume and a silver cupcake liner to make it look more spacey.  The helmet is actually a fillable Christmas ornament I got at Michael's.  It splits into two pieces so I got 2 cupcakes out of one ornament.  After I placed it on the cupcake, I just outlined the bottom in green and put 2 Skittles on the side.

So don't let characters scare you.  Just google the character you're wanting to portray and look for outfit colors, accessories or other special features that you could accentuate instead of drawing the actual character.


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Clever idea!

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Staci Jean! YOU ARE AMAZING! So creative!

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