Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Ten Questions I Have About Cake Decorating


So I've been making cakes for almost 10 years now, but don't really feel like I've made any real progress. I have learned some new tricks & techniques, but I just don't feel like I'm there...know what I mean?

I know I just need to take some classes, but I'm hoping to gain some new wisdom through all you fabulous cakers out there!

1) What do you do to get your icing so smooth? (without using fondant)
2) When covering a cake with fondant, how do you keep the bottom from ruffling? (how do you make it stick to the cake?...may be a better way of asking it)
3) Do you flavor your fondant?
4) Any tricks on getting your cake level?
5) The Cake Boss talks a lot about using modeling chocolate. Have you? Where do you get it?
6) I love the quilted look on fondant. Tips on how to do that?
7) The basketweave covers a multitude of sins. What is your one go-to trick?
8) What is the one tool you can't do without?
9) What's the best way to make writing look better than it is?
10) What are some of your favorite sites to get ideas?

Go to Oh Amanda for more Top Ten Tuesday.


oh amanda said...

Stace. Your cakes are BEAUTIFUL.

houseofhills said...

Those cakes are amazing! WOW!!!

Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Oh Goodness, I can't answer any of those ... hoping you were going to tell me instead:) LOVE all those!!!

Ashley said...

#1 - use a hot knife to spread the frosting.

(have no idea on the others)

Cheryl said...

Your cakes are ALWAYS GORGEOUS!!!!! They are also the BEST TASTING CAKES OUT THERE - all my friends have told me that!!!!!

adjunctmom said...

Okay, I've been decorating cakes for about 20 years. I hate fondant and don't use it, so I can't help you with those questions.

1. I make the icing slightly thinner than required AND use a warm spreader.

4. I very carefully trim the bubble off the top.

7. I make liberal use of the star tip to fill things in if I can't get things to set up the way that I want.

8. My offset spatula.

Anonymous said...

1. Spray bottle of h20
2. Crumb coating
3. I have
4. Level cake slicer
5. It's wonderful! Sugar art
6. Sugar art on Jimmy Carter
7. It only covers if you can do it correctly
8. Bowl scraper, to apply icing
9. Practice, I prefer writing in melted chocolate
10. I don't use any

Christine Satterfield said...

Um, your cakes look pretty fantastic to me!

Beth said...

1. If you use a crusting buttercream frosting, smooth it as best you can then walk away for 15-20 minutes. Then take a Viva brand paper towel, put it on the cake, and rub the icing with your hand - it will make it very smooth :)

Have you ever been to It has loads of information, forums, pictures, etc all about cake!

I think I met you at the cakewrecks book signing...

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