Friday, February 12, 2010

The Randomness that was Friday

While I did learn so many neat things about blogging at Blissdom, it doesn't really help if I don't BLOG! That might be easier if I was a mother who had funny or frustrating stories to tell about my kids or if I was a famous singer and could tell stories from a 50 city tour.

I am neither.

So in an attempt to at least get something on this blog, I present to you (all 5 of my loyal readers) the randomness that was my Friday.

-The big story here in GA is all the snow!

This is actually a lot of snow for us!

-I had off of school yesterday! Which puts a damper to the aforementioned snow because our day off was planned...not because of the snow. As a teacher, I still love a good snow day more than ever!

-I'm still cleaning/organizing from Blissdom. One of my predicaments was deciding what to do with all the cute business cards I got. I mean, you are some really clever women! So I didn't really want to throw them away. Then I came across our cute bag tag we got from Mabel's Labels
I just punched a hole in the corner of all my business cards and strung them on our cute Blissdom '10 tag. [Some other blogger posted about stringing business cards together, but I can't for the life of me remember who she was!!]

-I finished a birthday cake for a friend of a friend.

The cake has now been postponed because of the snow. Here's hoping the cake will still tasted good!

-I started to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. That is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. I'm all about pomp and circumstance and it doesn't get any bigger than the Olympics. It was so neat to see all the athletes march in and to see them just swell up with pride as they march behind their flag. Whether they be a country with 100 athletes or just 1, they get the awesome honor of representing their whole country.

I get all tingly every time I hear our national anthem!

So my Friday consisted of some snow, a cake, a craft and the Olympics...random.

What was random about your Friday?


Cindy said...

You can tell I'm actually at home with a day off because I'm catching up on blog reading!! I hope the cake is still good for the postponed date! Can you believe all the snow? And then the sad story about the luger's death? You did have a random day but it sounds like a good one! I have been thinking about punching a hole in all my little retail store membership/discount cards and putting them on a key chain- Your idea about the business cards is reminding me to do that!

Cheryl said...

I think it is GREAT to have a "random"day!!!! It's a day to either catch-up on things or DO NOTHING!!!! I DO HOPE that the snow will cause us to be able to stay home on Tuesday too!!! That would be a REAL SNOW DAY for the school system people!!! LOVE the cake - I'm sure it will last until the party. Cute idea about the business cards too - you KNOW I like things "organized" and that seems the way to go with those. The snow pictures were GREAT!!! Can't believe how much we got this time!! Clint came over this morning and "played" in the snow with Ruby. I think they BOTH LOVED IT!!! Keep "blogging" - it is how I keep up with you!!! Love ya, mom

Lauren Kelly said...

Beautiful cake!!!

And I totally missed the opening ceremonies.. So bummed :(

Robyn Beele said...

I love the pictures of the snow! We has a ton also. The cake is beautiful!

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