Saturday, February 20, 2010

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey

Press play.

Until today, this was my impression of sharks, but thanks to Scott Smallwood of Creaxion, I got to attend the Planet Shark: Predator or Prey exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium and learn a lot more about these seemingly deadly creatures.

The exhibit was full of real shark jaws, teeth, and fossils. I also got to go inside a shark cage [sans sharks!]. I always thought that would be a fun thing to do...get in a cage and be lowered in shark infested waters. I mean, if I'm gonna swim with the sharks, that would be the way to do it, right? Well, after my visit in the shark cage today, those bars don't look quite close enough, know what I mean?

One part of the exhibit was dedicated to shark attack victims and survivors. One of those stories was of Australian Rodney Fox. He was so badly attacked it said his wet suit was the only thing holding his body together! 400 stitches later, he is fine.

A few things I read about on how to avoid a shark attack:
-Don't wear jewelry in the water. Sharks are attracted to shiny things.
-Don't go in the water at dawn or dusk. This must be feeding time.
-Swim in groups, not alone. Sharks go after things that are alone.
-They're also attracted to splashing.

Overall the exhibit was very interesting. It held my attention for the whole time. Because we couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit, Scott sent us some press images to use:

Shark Finning is the practice of catching sharks, ripping of their fins off and throwing them back in the ocean. The fins are then dried in the sun. It is legal ( in most countries. Apparently it is a delicacy in other countries. Below are some of those packaged fins. Don't think I'll be trying that!!

So pack up the family and make a day of it. And here's a coupon to help you out:

Disclosure: I was given 2 complimentary tickets to the GA Aquarium and the Planet Shark exhibit in exchange for this little ole blog post! Thanks again Scott!


Becky said...

So, I think yours is much better than mine! :)

Cheryl said...

Looks as if you had a good time - did you really want to go down in a shark cage? I NEVER would have guessed that!!! You kids never cease to amaze me!!!!


Yolanda said...

Hi, I had the opportunity to visit the Aquarium too and had the same impression of the diver cage. Made me realize that's an activity that won't make it on my bucket list.

Lauren Kelly said...

This makes me never want to go in the ocean again, ha!! But how fun and interesting! :)

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