Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

It really stinks being a teacher these days. Every where you turn there is talks of salary cuts, furloughs, and surplussing. Not to mention class sizes are going up and programs are being cut. We are in for some rough days ahead. And while I can't really see myself doing anything else, I feel like I've come to the point where I need to find something else to supplement what's dwindling out of my paycheck each month.

So I got the bright idea to apply for a part time job at Charming Charlie. I absolutely love this store!

Doesn't this just give you warm fuzzies?! The whole store is color coded, so all the yellow stuff is together, all the pinks, all the reds, and so on. I have to say that it is a bit overwhelming when you first walk in...sensory stimulation overload!

I just thought it would be a perfect fit for me.

I stopped by one day after work to see if they were hiring part time. They said yes and gave me an application and told me to come back on Tuesday to speak with the manager. I was excited for this new prospect!

I went home and immediately began filling out my application. I have an affinity for filling out excites me! [Am I weird like that?]

The problem is that I haven't worked a retail job in over 10 years. In college, I worked for a short stint at Abercrombie & Fitch. That didn't go well because of their policy of having to wear THEIR clothes that were on the floor at THAT time. So I was always having to buy new clothes which thus began my descent into the blackhole of debt.

My thinking was that with working part time, I would just work a day here, a day there, maybe a weekend here or there. I had the demented dillusion that I could just work whenever I wanted... like they would just work around me.

Imagine my shock when I realized the world doesn't revolve around me?!?!

Part time means nights and weekends. Which I would have been ok with except the fact that she said when they close at 9 PM, they stay till about 10 or 11. YIKES! I would be sleepwalking the next day if I didn't get off work until 11!

The other thing that turned me off was when she began describing what I would be doing. They work in what they call zones...different sections of the floor. Associates should make "figure 8s". Meaning just walk around mainly, she said, to prevent theft, but also assisting customers.

Just the idea of walking around in circles for hours and hours didn't sound too appealing to me.

Yes, I'm being picky. I already have a job that I love, I'm just looking for something easy to supplement it. So back to the drawing board I go. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Ugh. I wish I knew something. I'll be thinking!!

Gayle Rogers said...

How about baking cakes and decorating them. You are awesome. You really could grow your business by the right kind of advertising.

Josie said...

What about working at somewhere like those places where you paint pottery? You like crafts and kids... and they probably don't stay open too late. Maybe they'll even hire you for doing birthday parties only (which are usually on the weekends).

Jenn said...

Is there a Swoozies's near you? It's not jewerly, but I love swoozies and think you would too!

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