Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites - Fonts

It's Friday Favorites time over at The Other Mama! Go check out all the fun favorites!

One of the things I love about being a teacher is it allows me to use my creative side and of the things that I'm wildly passionate about is FONTS!

You'll never find Times New Romans on one of my worksheets! No way. I've actually infected other teachers with my obsession of fonts and we get excited when we test out a new font.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite go to font sites.

This is the easiest site to use and to download the fonts. Great for beginners! Take a look at some of my favs:

This one's got a few more steps to download the fonts, so it's not quite as user-friendly as fontface. A few of my go to fonts:

I haven't used this one that much, but it does deserve a gander. It wouldn't let me save a the font names as an image so you'll just have to go play with it.

4. Fonts for Peas
My new favorite! It's got a lot of really cute, easy to read, handwriting type fonts.

So go have fun and spice up your word docs! No one should have to read through Times New Romans!!


Ivy said...

Neat fonts! I like the love letters and patterns and dots the best! Thanks for sharing;)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So cute and I love, Love, LOVE fonts, too!!
My favorite place is definitley check them out (I think Loungy or Sparkly are my favs- look under the Free Silverware button at the bottom.)
Can't wait to check your links!

Angela Pea said...

Thanks for the links! I love fonts, too, and decorate as many documents as possible with them.

Sometimes I wish I could write and publish my spec headers in some spiffy, curly font, just to watch the contractors flip out with the girliness of it all.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love these! I don't have much need for fun fonts these days, but thanks for the links. I'll be saving them for when I need them:)

Rebekah said...

Just a reader hopping over from Hillary's blog. :) I am an avid photoshoper and love fonts so this post caught my eye. ;) Thanks for sharing all of the great sites.

Christine Satterfield said...

So glad you love fonts too! Some things are just easier to read when pretty :-)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Really cool! I didn't know sites like that even existed *hanging head in shame* Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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