Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

I am extremely late on posting this, but definitely wanted to make time to tell you about my fun time last weekend.

We celebrated my sister, Mandi's, 30th birthday. She is a couple years younger than the rest of us, so she's just now joining us on the bandwagon. When we turned 30, we celebrated with a cruise to the Bahamas. As much as we wanted to recreate that, it was kind of out of the question. So the next best thing was a trip to Bahama Breeze.

The night started out when I kidnapped Mandi.


To recreate the ambiance, Amanda brought us all leis.

After a tropical dinner, it was on to dessert at The Atlanta Cupcake Factory.

This is what the yummy cupcakes looked like before:

And this is what they looked like after:

Poor lil cupcakes didn't stand a chance!

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