Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Hoopla

I love Halloween because it's always been a family event. This year was no different. We all met at Mandi's for dinner and then it was time to trick or treat! This year, we had 2 cowboys, a monkey, a punk rocker, and a little sleeping pumpkin head.

We tried oh so hard to get them all together for a group shot. I tell ya, these kids just have a hard time doing that! We grew up taking pictures ALL the time, but it truly is an act of congress to get all these together. We never did, so we just got bits and pieces.

It was fun to look through all the candy to see what people were giving out this year. He got lots of chocolate (which, by the way, I read that a dentist said was the best kind of candy because it was easier to wash off and didn't stick to the teeth as much as the sugar candy). He also got play-doh! How clever. Then I was shocked to see how many gobstoppers he got! Who gives out gobstoppers to kids?!?! Here you go, little kid, enjoy this choking hazard!

My brother, Clint choked on one of those when he was little. I'll never forget my dad picking him up by his ankles and shaking him to get that gobstopper out! I know, I know...I guess the Heimlich never crossed his mind. Anyways, it did come out, but it was a scary moment.

Halloween is over, but the holiday season has arrived!!!!!!

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