Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Climbin' Everest

One of the things I wanted to be when I was growing up was an actress! Well, you can see how well THAT worked out!

But one of the fun things about being a teacher is that I can incorporate some of that into the class. Today was one of those days!

We were just finishing up our unit on landforms (mountains, plains, plateaus, etc. for all you lay folk!!) so, we thought it would be fun to explore Mt. Everest.

I did some research on what it actually takes to climb Everest. It was SO fascinating to me!! I loved researching it.

So the science teachers all dressed up like mountain climbers. Get ready to laugh...

We all introduced ourselves and told about our climbing experience. (That's me all the way on the right)

"Hi, I'm Boot Stompin' Brown and they call me that because I've been stompin' up and down mountains for years. I've been up Everest so many times it's like a walk in the park"

After that, we read off the different jobs each team member would have and they were to break up into expedition teams.

Then we ended with a powerpoint I made that showed the actual costs and some pictures people had taken from their climb.

It was fun, but, sheesh, were we h-o-t after wearing all that garb the whole day!

By the way, a climb up Everest will set ya back about $65,000!


mandi said...

Too funny! Pep could have given you some tips or some climbing gear! You can talk "into thin air" with him ... I'm sure you read that book for some of your research:)

Erin said...

Aw, I wish our teachers would have been as cool as you guys! I might have paid more attention in science class, lol : )

Jenn said...

Love the picture!!!

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