Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mandi!

Things that make me feel old:
-someone calls me ma'am
-when it feels so late, but I realize it's only 7:30 pm
-remembering when all my elem. and middle school reports were done on a typewriter

Mandi, today you celebrate the big 3-0 today and it's kind of weird to me because even though I'm older, you've always seemed to have it more together than me! You seem so much more grown up than me and maybe that's because you're married with 2 kids, but you've always impressed me with the way you've handled herself.

We didn't fight a whole lot growing up, but when we was ugly. And I always remember my mom saying that one day we will appreciate and love each other. (Of course, I was internally rolling my eyes. Yeah right!)

Well, turns out to be true! I appreciate and love you more than you know and certainly more than I show you. You are a great wife, mother, sister, but more so...friend!

So, I thought it'd be fun to share a few (30 to be exact) fun facts about you with the blogosphere! (Now YOU'RE the one rolling your eyes, I'm sure!)

Everything you wanted to know about Mandi but were afraid to ask!
1. hates, despises, detests cleaning up hair. From a brush, the drain, anywhere.
2. knows how to write "strongly worded" letters to congressmen, homeowners associations...basically anyone who needs a talkin' to!
3. hates cats even though her old bedroom was wallpapered in them.
4. wore glasses and braces.
5. is braces free and had lasik!
6. was the first in our family to graduate college, get married, and have the first grandkid (gee, thanks. The only thing I got was the first masters degree)
7. has absolutely NO rhythm. None. Ask her husband!
8. hates being the center of attention.
9. is very modest. In the privacy of her own bedroom, she used to go and lock herself in her closet to change.
10. always had the best grades out of all the kids.
11. is extremely tender-hearted. I can pretty much guarantee she has already cried or will cry by the end of this post.
12. can't stop laughing once she gets started.
13. and I used to share a bed in elementary school.
14. loves 24 and LOST.
15. developed Bells Palsy during her last pregnancy.
16. used to work at a shoe bridal salon where she dyed shoes.
17. oh...she also got her ears pierced before me! (I'm a little gun shy!)
18. and I went to the very first American Idol tour concert.
19. once had an ingrown toenail and had to get 3 or 4 shots in one toe!
20. and I once ran out of gas on the way home from school and had to walk home.
21. learned how to cut the grass on a riding lawn mower in the 3rd grade. (We won't go into what happened shortly after that!!)
22. was in our local paper several times for stories or poems she had written in school.
23. used to crawl into the ocean backwards when she was little.
24. was able to come home from the hospital when she was born because my dad sold one of his prized bulls. (They needed some way to pay the hospital bill!)
25. came to my class one day and taught my kids the density of the earth's mantle by making oobleck.
26. has my mom's middle name. Shouldn't that go to the first born?! Oh well, we know who the favored child is! Just kidding...
27. can intelligently talk about government, politics, and more while all I do is shake my head.
28. is not the most crafty person you'll meet. She'll admit that one!
29. is spending today day with her husband who took off work and has some fun stuff planned.
30. has NO idea what her friends have in store for her tomorrow night to celebrate!

Whew! Happy birthday little sis! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

I love you!!


Robyn Beele said...

Such a sweet post!

oh amanda said...

I think I might have tears in my eyes! Happy Birthday, Mandi!

mandi said...

Awe! Thanks Stinky!! Very sweet -and likely very hard to come up with!! The only correction I see is that when you stated you rolled your eyes internally - there was nothing internal about it:)

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