Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year in Review

In looking back over '09, I made a New Years resolution of trying something new each month and then documenting it on my blog. Well, as all good New Years resolutions go...I didn't quite make it every month.

Sue me.

I was actually pretty impressed at how well I DID keep up with it, but what I found out was that towards the end of the month I would just look back over the month and then say "Hmmm....what did I do that I haven't done before?" Instead, I had kind of set out to actually THINK of something and then go DO it! Not just find something to squeeze into the category.

All that said, here's what I ended up with:

In January, there was Zumba.
In February, I had my kitchen tiled.
In March I was featured on Tip Junkie. That was cool!
In April I taught creationism in my 6th grade science class.
Nothing for May. Boo.
In June, I got on a budget.
In July, I had a couple of things such as going to a new cake store & trying some asian food.
In August, I made a vlog.
September's was kind of boring...I tried a new Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Contain your excitement.
In October, I was asked to write some curriculum.
In November, I attended my first book signing.
December's will unfortunately not be finished in December. I have been reading trough the bible this year and my NEW for December was supposed to be to finish the bible. I'm reading this bible:

I like it because it has you read a portion of the old testament, a portion of the new and then a Psalm & Proverb. I was doing really well...up until about my birthday. My birthday is near the end of October which seems to really kick off all the fall/winter holidays: my b-day, Halloween, my sister's b-day, Thanksgiving...and well, let's face it, after Thanksgiving, it's all down hill until January!

So needless to say, I got a little behind and just never caught up, but I AM going to finish it. Right now, I'm on November 7, so there's no way I'm gonna read a month and a half in a few hours. Just not a real big reader.

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Happy New Year!


Lauren Kelly said...

Proud of you girl at all that you conquered!!! :)

Happy New Year!!! :)

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

way to go!!!
happy new year

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