Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Today's TTT is (a little late!) in honor of me being on spring break! These are the top ten things I get a break from saying this week:

1. "Get busy"
2. "The stapler is in the same place it's been since the first day of school"
3. "Class is over the same time it was the first day of school"
4. "Have a seat please"
5. "Read the board"
6. "Go put it in the Work Wall"
7. "Make sure to put your name at the top"
8. "Read the directions"
9. "I've already said that. I'm not saying it again"
10. "Push your chairs in. You may go"


Blondie said...

#8...over and over again!

Becky said...

It never changes- I say many of the same things in kindergarten too.

-How many months have you been in school?
-Your lunch number is the same as it has been since August. (of course I am giggling with them as I say this one!)
-You really dont' remember where the gym is? Seriously? Because it's in the same spot it's been since you started here in August.

Yep, I say the August thing quite a lot. They laugh at me.

B said...

cute new site!

TCKK said...

Too funny!

Robyn Beele said...

Love this!! I feel like I repeat myself ALL DAY!!

Gina said...

I repeat myself day in and day out, too (mom of four - insanity reigns)

Lauren Kelly said...

Too funny, hope you enjoy the break, my friend!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could take a break from saying #9!! Great list & happy Spring Break!

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