Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a beautiful day it was to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! And because of that, we're able to celebrate good times with family.

Today was one of those days.

After a great church service, we all met and mom and dad's for lunch. Good eats.

Then it was time for some easter fun with the kids. After they successfully tore into their easter baskets, it was time for our egg hunt. This is no ordinary egg hunt mind you! Knowing that the kids would get tons of candy and sugar from their parents and other grandparents, I've decided to make the traditional egg hunt not so traditional. In fact, my egg hunts have even landed me here!

The eggs are filled with trinkets that go with an activity to do after the egg hunt. Last year, the eggs had puzzle pieces inside.

This year, I went with Leggo's. Each kids was assigned their own color eggs to hunt.

Once all the eggs were found, it was time to go back inside to open them and begin the fun!
Brooke & Blake got leggo (ok, so they were generic brand!) kits:

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Evan got a younger kid's version of leggos using Cookie Monster:

Bo got a Mr. Potato head. I figured it was kinda like leggos...he still had to put pieces together.

The older kids seemed to enjoy their leggos. Evan wasn't too keen on the Cookie Monster. All he really wanted was the horse out of Brooke's kit! (Uh, can you tell he's in a horse phase? Notice the hat and boots in every picture!)

Here are some other random shots from the day:

After all the festivities, Evan and his dad were off to the rodeo:

Hope you had a happy easter!


Rebekah said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter. Love the idea of putting the leggo pieces in the eggs!!

The Hickmans said...

So glad you had a great Easter!

Lauren Kelly said...

What a fun day, girl!!!!! :o)

Tiffanie said...

Love this idea! So much better than candy!! Thanks!

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