Friday, April 03, 2009


Today was a great day at school. Mostly because it's the last day before SPRING BREAK!! Woo-hoo! I really don't have much to get excited about because I'm not going anywhere! Other than Hilton Head. (I'm only going for one night and it's for wedding business with my roommate...that'll be another post!)

The other reason today was a good day was because we had a special guest. Meteorologist Steve Milone from Fox 5. He is the on air meteorologist on Saturday & Sunday mornings. It was great timing because we had just finished up our weather unit in school. Mostly, the kids just asked questions about being an on air weather man.

He gave us a heads up on the weather next week and said that Monday & Tuesday is supposed to be COLD. He said the highs might be in the upper 40's?!?! What? Some spring break!

Here's the cool thing, though. He's going to give us a shout-out at 8:15 on channel 5 AND put up some pictures!! I'm so excited! Look for me!


Rebekah said...

That is so cool!!

Becky said...

Very cool!

Lauren Kelly said...

YAY for weathermen, haha!!! Have a wonderful spring break, girl :o)

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