Friday, April 24, 2009


Apparently I like lists.

I've got 2 garage sales coming up so I've been doing some major cleaning out. I'm a typically neat person and don't really hang on to much...unless it's sentimental. Then I have a hard time getting rid of it.

So I came across this notebook that I used when I was packing for a trip. I think the reason this notebook came to be was because on a back to school retreat in youth group, I forgot my bag of toiletries/cosmetics!! Yes, I was on a weekend trip with no make-up, shampoo, conditioner...pretty much everything in my bathroom! Thankfully, everyone pitched in to help, but after that I started making lists.

So what I would do is write where I was going at the top and the date. Don't really know why I did this, but kinda glad I did, now! Then, aside from clothes, I would make a list of e-v-e-r-y little thing I needed.

In cleaning out this notebook, I honestly had a hard time throwing it out. So before I threw it out, I ripped out a few of the trips that stood out to me and scanned them. Now I've got 'em forever!! It was neat to look back at the lists and see the things on them and remember the trip itself.

This was our back to school retreat for the coolest middle school group ever! What's funny to me on this list is that I have "salt" and "tye dye kit". I remember dyeing 40 something t-shirts in the bathtub of the hotel, but I have no idea what the salt was for.

This was a trip to Disney World! Nuff said! I'm a little concerned, though, that "toothbrush" isn't crossed off. Did I forget it?!?!

Oh, now this was the trip of a lifetime! A cruise to Hawaii!!

This was a trip to I Fest, an international puppet festival. I was on a puppet team in high school and we got asked to compete at this international festival. The performance was a disaster! Literally. Everything that could've gone wrong, did go wrong...including having the stage fall down! BUT, it still was a fun trip and only now, almost 10 years later, can we all laugh about it!

This was another once in a lifetime trips. I actually went to the Miss America pageant! My friend, Stephanie, was in it as Miss TN. Stephanie went to Lee with me and we were in the same sorority. Now that was a fun trip! Several of us from the sorority made the road trip from TN to Atlantic City...ouch! Notice on my list that "ticket" has a box around it. Didn't wanna forget that! The pageant was right after 9/11. Security was tight. We were pretty far from the stage, but when they called her name as being in the top 5, we all went berserk! She ended up placing 2nd runner up! Not too shabby for a tomboy from TN!

I also notice that "tampons", "asprin" and "heating pad" were on my list. Must have been expecting a visitor!!

And lastly, this was New Year's in Philadelphia. My friends had just moved up there for a job and I was able to visit them over new years. And, yikes!, once again I notice an important item isn't crossed off...deodarant!

So what do you have a hard time getting rid of?


Rebekah said...

Ahh.... IFest that was a trip to remember. Stage falling, CD not working, people running out of money the first day, losing plane tickets. It was still fun though!

mandi said...

So wait a minute - all of these were in one notebook? Like you have one notebook just for vacation packing lists?? WOW - you are a LIST person!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Ha, I LOVED this!!! How funny!! Hope you're doing well :)

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