Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Sisterchick Christmas!

My favorite Christmas party of the year was last weekend. The Sisterchick Christmas! We carefully plan the location, the food, and the theme of the gift baskets. It's a tradition almost 10 years in the making.

This year was at Amanda's house. The food theme was tapas and boy did we have enough food to feed an army! One of the highlights is the exchanging of the gift baskets. Past themes have been: room of the house (your basket had to be for a specific room of the house), color (everything in the basket had to be a certain color), movie (the basket had to be about a certain movie) and so on. This year's theme was personalized. We drew names on our cruise and each gift basket had to specific to that person. Of course, all year long we were trying to figure out who had who. (Unfortunately, everyone knew who I had!)

So, here's a little photo journal of that night:

Amanda had me! I got a cute Wonder Woman bag, some cool Sprinkles cupcakes, a way cool tripod for your camera that fits on a water bottle!, a cute cupcake ornament and to top it off...a stellar teacher necklace. See below...

Kristen had Amanda. Her gifts were all homemade! A homemade ipod koozie, a plate, advent calendar, scrapbook of Lydia, scarf. She is unbelievable.

Becky had Mandy. It was the gift basket that never ended! Please take a look at the wrapping :)

Mandi had Becky. Very practical stuff! As Mandi would say..."I stuck to the list!" [We all made lists of our likes and dislikes]

I had my sister. And what little sister doesn't want to be like her big sister?! The problem with me having my sister is that we both have similar taste, so practically everything I picked up for her...I got one for me too :) Merry Christmas to ME!

Mandy had Kristen. K-dogg, as she likes us to call her, is the craft expert, so Mandy got her all sorts of cute paper, punches, stickers and the cutest little pink and brown organizer!

And of course, our traditional group photo (using my cool new tripod!)

Can't wait till next year girls!


Kat said...

Oh what fun! I love our party!

oh amanda said...

We're so cute!

(I love how Mandi's got her coat on. "Get me outta here!")

Anonymous said...

What great gifts!

dcrmom said...

Oh so fun!!! (Here from Amanda's.)

Brandy said...

You guys have the most fun! Very cool gifts!

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