Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

What did we do on Christmas before there were kids?!?! I mean, really. I guess we just sat around and looked at each other. Today was no exception!

The day started early for me...6:00 a.m. I went over to my parents to make breakfast. I made these delicious blueberry blintzes. Then I took a nap until the Disney's Christmas Day Parade came on! There is nothing better than Disney!

Around lunch time, Mandi, Pep, and Evan came over for lunch. And of course, Evan wanted to tear into his presents as soon as he was done eating. Which was only a few bites. Most of us had just begun!

One of the highlights (if I do say so myself!) was a cowboy hat I made for Evan. And not just ANY cowboy hat. An authentic, home-made Stevie Ray Vaughn replica!! Here's a little background on why Stevie Ray is such a big deal for Evan. He knows EVERY move that Stevie Ray does on his DVD. I mean, EVERY move. Down to when he takes a water break!

Here's some more pics:

Then Matt & Tera came over in time for dinner and to open more presents. Blake walked in with his favorite Christmas gift:

This is Shiloh the beagle. He's so cute and tiny!

I think I know what Evan wants for Christmas next year!!

Here's how the rest of the day played out:

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


oh amanda said...

How fun! When you say you MADE the hat...you mean decorated it?

What a fun day!!

Damselfly said...

So cute! Christmas is definitely more fun with children around!

Jessica said...

Evan is so cute! Definitely all boy!! : )

Brandy said...

I love the cowboy pictures! And the dog is so sweet!

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