Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week in Review

This will not be the most enthralling post unless you like to hear me incessantly go on about my nephew and friends. What can I say? That's my world!

Last Sunday:
After church I went out to eat with my sister, her husband and his sister. Evan was in a mood and didn't exactly want to sit still and eat. One of my tricks is to pull out my camera. He likes getting his picture taken and then look at it. Then Noah wanted to get in on the action. Get ready...these are breathtaking.

Works every time!

I took Evan to Catch Air. One of those jumpy places. I have to admit that most of the time I have more fun than he does! Although it is definitely a workout! I was worn out! I only got 1 picture because he wanted me to do everything with him.

The Sisterchicks (minus 1) got together for lunch at The Fickle Pickle. It is SOO yummy! Once again the camera trick came in handy as we were waiting for our food.

Here's Georgia and Lydia:

Here's Evan:

He then got up to go and tell Lydia that she didn't smile in her picture, so we tried it again:

So cute!

Random lunch shots:

After lunch we decided to go walk around all the cute shops, so the mommas went to to retrieve strollers while Kristen and I played babysitters. We tried to get some cute pics of us and all the kids actually looking into the camera. You can see how well that turned out!

Off to the shops:

We looked at few very cute stores, but then it was nap time. (For the kids, that is!)

It was a really good day and we missed you Beck!


Rebekah's Bits & Pieces said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I love the Fickle Pickle... It's so yummy!!!

Jillian, Inc. said...

I love The Fickle Pickle - used to live right down the street. And all those little shops are so much fun to browse. BTW- I'm celebrating my 2 year blogiversary. Stop by for some fun giveaways this week.

Kat said...

That "babysitting' was so funny! The entire patio of the restaurant was laughing at us!

Brandy said...

Fickle Pickle is the best! Tuesday is free for kids:) Great pics!

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