Saturday, July 12, 2008

Knitting Party

So I think I've officially just crossed over into being OLD. I've learned how to knit!!

The sisterchicks got together last night to eat chinese food, play Wii, and learn how to knit. Here we all are with our yarn and needles ready to go:



Notice how her yarn and needles match!




And our teacher, Becky

After a rough start (I'll save you all the messy details!), we finally all got casted on and started knitting. Here's my first row:

This will, in time, become a scarf!

Becky did such a good job teaching us. She was so patient and great at fixing our mess ups! I guess she's used to it being a kindergarten teacher.

Stay tuned in a couple months for our "How-To-Finish-The-Scarf" party!!


mandi said...

I think we should have signed a release on some of those pictures ... we look old & tired!!

Kat said...

Yea! We did it!

Rebekah's Bits & Pieces said...

I love the picture of Kristen. Looks like you guys had fun learning to knit!

oh amanda said...

NICE. I'm with Mandi. Sheesh!

BlogStar! said...

You're not old! My roommate taught me two years ago, and I actually think it's very theraputic, plus if you like your yarn, you have something really cute when you're finished. I'm hoping to learn how to knit little hats this year!

oh amanda said...

OK, this pic was on your Link Within and I had to click b/c I was thinking, "good grief! i look huge!" then I remembered I was preggo. *sigh*

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