Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rules are there for a reason!

I'm a stickler for the rules! If there's a sign saying "Don't do [something]", you better believe that I WON'T do it. (OK...unless it's a speed limit sign!) And it frustrates me when other people totally disregard the rules.

Today, I saw the perfect example!

I was at the mall (which by the way I'll post later some of the cool stuff I bought!) and was about to get on the escalator. I don't know if this is the case for all malls or not, but at my mall there are signs at the escalators that say "No Strollers". Simple as that. I'm pretty sure there's even one of those circles with a line through it over a picture of a stroller. Can you GET any clearer than that?!

Well, this priss-pot, metro couple hopped on before me with, yep you guessed it, a stroller. Not just any stroller mind you, one of those 2 seater where the kids sit one behind the other. My blood pressure boiled as I screamed in my head, "Didn't you see the sign?!" Ugh...

We got to the top of the escalator and it became apparently clear why they don't want you to use strollers on the escalator. The front wheel had turned sideways, so as they tried to get off, it acted like a brake and wouldn't move! They wiggled and wiggled as hard as they could. At first, it was kind of funny, but then it quickly turned to panic. The stroller was NOT moving. The dad had wedged himself towards the front to frantically try and unstick the wheel. The mom was now coming up on the stuck stroller and had now where to go, so she was forced on the other side of the stroller. The stroller had now turned diagonal because of the twisted wheel and both parents trapped on either side. The mom started shouting and they dad became even more frantic. By this time, the dad was leaning over the stroller trying to pick up the front of it. Nothing was working. Mind you, the escalator is still going! I was next in line! I started making my plan of what I was going to do. It was coming up fast. Was I going to jump on top of the stroller? Get wedged with the mom? There were really no other options.

Literally, about 2 seconds before a pile-up happened, the dad got it unstuck! It spit the dad off the escalator onto the floor on all fours.

My heart was about to jump out of my chest. Ya know that feeling of release after you've been tense for a long time? That's what it felt a flood.

I almost had to sit down to catch myself. Then I went on my way. I stopped in to Williams-Sonoma to check out their after Christmas sales. As I was looking around, I heard this squalling, ear-piercing screaming. I walked around the corner and who did I see...

...the law breaking stroller couple!

I know kids yell, but normally a parent discipline the kids for doing that. But this ever so trendy mom just sort of shooshed them. And it wasn't a one time thing. SEVERAL times they screamed bloody murder and the mom made no attempt to quiet them.

It made me even more made at them!


oh amanda said...

Grrrrr.....I hear ya'!

Jessica said...

Oh no! That is frustrating. Yo ar right- someday "shooshing" them won't work, and they will have much bigger problems on their hands. The stroller stroy is scary! I'm glad no one was hurt!

brandybuzz said...


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