Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I've lived in Georgia for 31 years and I could probably count on my hand the times it has snowed. I realized for some of you "snow" is a relative term. For us down south, a couple of inches can literally shut down the whole town, schools close and grocery stores become vacant as people buy up all the milk and bread. But it is such an exciting time.

Last night we had one of those nights! As I was driving home from work it began to very faintly snow flurries. That in and of itself sends the native in a frenzy. After I left the gym, the flakes got bigger and bigger. Wednesday night is dinner night and it was Brandon's turn to cook. He made some de-lish Carribbean Jerk Chicken! Yummy!! After dinner, we looked outside and could NOT believe our eyes! There was snow EVERYWHERE!! Of course, us 3 teachers were on pins and needles waiting to hear that our county had called off school. Here's us havin' a little fun:

Here's how pretty the snow was:

We got all excited and Brandon and Amber went to the store to get stuff for s'mores!! While they were gone, I on a fire.

It was such a fun night!! Of course, that fun quickly ended at about 5:30 am when we realized we still had school today :(


Kat said...

Oh man! What fun! We were so very close to a snow day, too!

oh amanda said...

HOW FUN! Too bad you had school!

Are you really going to the gym?!

Brandy said...

Man I'm so jealous of your snow!!!

brandybuzz said...

The snow was so fun! Fulton county is no fun, they always make us go to school:(

dcrmom said...

Oh what fun!! We got some snow this week too. We haven't had any to speak of this year, even though we're in PA.

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I am sooooooo jealous!! Arkansas used to get snow like that and even more! But, now we just get ice or a little dusting. :(

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