Sunday, January 20, 2008


MLK day is kind of a big deal around here in Atlanta because this was his home. I'm sure there will be all kind of activities at the King Center. I have actually been to Dr. King's church, Ebenezer Baptist Church. We went there on a mission trip in downtown one year. But as far as MLK day festivities...I don't really do anything other than enjoy the day off :) However, I do have this little piece of history. In middle school, one of Dr. King's children came to visit my home ec. class (i know...I don't really see the connection there!) I couldn't tell you what he talked about. Must have been truly life-changing. But I did walk away with a little momento. A genuine, authentic Martin Luther King III autograph! I know you're jealous :)


Becky said...

I'm glad you're not a math teacher! 2008-1995=13, not 18! We did not graduate high school 18 years ago! Ha ha!

I loved seeing your memories, esp since a lot of them are my memories too!

brandybuzz said...

Very cool! I do wish I had one!

oh amanda said...

YOU are so cool!

Kat said...

I have a dream...that someday I too, will have that day off from work!

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