Tuesday, January 22, 2008

4 Things

My new bloggy friend, and the creator of my cute new site!, Brandy tagged me for this survey.

Four jobs I've had:
-legal secretary
-roadside clown (no joke!)
-church secretary

Four places I lived:
-Alpharetta, GA
-Cumming, GA
-Cleveland, TN
-that's it!

Four movies I've watched over and over:
-The Holiday
-Dirty Dancing
-How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
-Sweet Home Alabama

Four shows I watch:
-Biggest Loser
-American Idol
-24 (whenever the dumb writer strike ends!!)
-Big Brother

Four places I've been:
-Monterrey, Mexico

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
-teachers at work

Four favorite things to eat:
-chips & dip
-any dessert
-movie theater popcorn
-mexican food

Four places I'd rather be:
-a cruise ship
-a beach
-the altar

Four things I look forward to this new year:
-my new niece/nephew being born
-my friend April's wedding
-my friend Lisa's birthday weekend trip in Vegas
-meeting new bloggy friends

Now...I tag Mandi, Becky, Kristen, Brandy H. (Amanda-you get tagged for everything. Thought I'd spread the love :)


Jessica said...

Have you ever been to Switzerland? We lived in Germany for three years and skiied in Switzerland every winter. It is a beautiful place! : )

oh amanda said...

Oh, look at you all tagged!

I want to be on a cruise ship watching you at the altar and eating Mexican food. Sounds awesome!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I LOVE your new background and header- isn't Brandy awesome?! Dirty Dancing is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie! I have watched it over and over and over- "nobody puts baby in the corner." :)

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