Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

This was my first Halloween in about 20 years where I got to experience the age old tradition of trick or treating. You see, up until this year, I was always at church for our annual Pumpkin Patch Party. I really loved it and kind of missed the excitement/hecticness of it all. But I also loved being able to hang out with my family. Mandi had us all over for dinner and the trick or treating experience of Evan. He was a zebra.

I love how he looks from the back.

I, of course, love dressing up...for any occasion. But I love that there's a whole day devoted to dressing up! Can you guess what I am??
"Go Ceilings! Woo-hoo!! Love those Ceilings!!"

A ceiling fan!!

I can't take credit for that one. I got it here.

Matt's clan didn't get to make it, but Tera sent some adorable pics of the kids.

What were you for Halloween??


oh amanda said...

Oh my gosh! How cute is Bo? He is growing up so much!

And you are SO CREATIVE. I love your costume.

I was a mom. Yup. A mom to an almost 2 year old. Cool, huh?

Brandy said...

So fun! We enjoyed the clam trick or treating this year too! GREAT costume and your niece and nephews are so cute!!!

Damselfly said...

A ceiling fan, hee hee!

Cute kids!

Cindy said...

Staci- I am laughing out loud- you are so creative- even if you did get the idea from someone else.
Ditto your comments about the PPP :-(

Kat said...

How cute is Evan the zebra! Love it! I can't believe Bo is so big! Cute, cute!

I love your costume, too! That reminds me of your a(u)nt one! How creative.

What was I this year? I was a barista, a jogger, and a taxi driver to a bunch of giggly girls!

Candace said...

Hey, atleast you attempted to dress up - I was dressed as a mom, how exciting ;) Love the little zebra!

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