Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spoken like a true 6th grader!

Another story from the classroom.

When a student needs to go to the restroom, they have to write a pass in their agenda and then get the teacher to sign it. I try to not let them go because 9 times out of 10, they're just trying to get out of the classroom. But there are some kids who have a pretty regular pattern where they seem to go at about the same time everyday.

Well, my 3rd period class is a team taught class which means there's another teacher in the room and we teach the class together.

So there's this one kid, we'll call him J, who always seems to go to the bathroom. I started telling him no, so I noticed that he would go to the other teacher and get a pass from her. Sneaky little devil!

This one particular day, I noticed that he went to the bathroom right before I was about to show a short video clip. (Of course, he didn't get the pass from me!) He didn't come back until well after the video was over. The video clip was a little over 5 minutes.

I called him over to my desk and the conversation went like this:

Me: J, where were you?

J: The bathroom.

Me: You were gone entirely too long. You missed the whole video clip.

[He holds up 2 fingers]

Me: NO, you were gone well over 2 minutes.

J: No, number 2. I had to go number 2. I take this medicine that makes me go to the bathroom.

Me: Oh, ok. (I mean, what do you say after that?!!?)

He had no qualms about telling me he went number 2! They really are still babies :)


Damselfly said...

#2, haha! Guess he's not shy.

Thank you for the tip on the Old Navy T-shirt! Now I have to go and look for myself!

oh amanda said...

*shudder* I think I'm going to be sick.

Brandy said...


Cindy said...

Kids are something else, aren't they??

RRR said...

How funny. See my second graders still have no problem announcing very loudly that they were gone so long because they were pooping. No use of numbers for them!

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