Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Signs of Life

I've been in my house for, I think, 5 years now, but I still pop in at my parent's house at least once a week. Well, one time not so long ago, I noticed something that I had never noticed before. I'm sure it's always been there, but living in that house, I just never took the time to notice it. I was walking down the stairs one day and it stood out like a red light.

It's kinda hard to see (you might have to tilt your computer screen), but it's handprints. I vividly remember always slapping that part of the ceiling every time I went down the stairs. How funny that I never noticed it until I moved away! So it got me thinking if I had any signs of life in my house. And, lo and behold, I did find something. I have a vanity that was my great-grandmother's that I use everyday to dry my hair and put my make up on. Well, apparently, I rest my toes on the molding of the wall and I guess 5 years of doing that has really left its mark.

(Again, you might have to tilt your computer screen)

Take a look around your house and look for signs of life :)


Brandy said...

Signs of life, well it could be the black finger marks on our walls, the pernament marker drawings on our hardwood floors, or just the millions of toys spread all over our house! It's all good! It is something to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

oh amanda said...

Staci, what a great post! I love it!

mom said...

We have had that wall painted several times, so think of how it would look if we had NEVER painted it!!!! You're going to have to get some Soft Scrub to get those "toe prints" off your baseboards!

Cindy said...

Signs of life- and good eyes!
I like it!!

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