Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthday Celebration Weekend

My birthday was on Saturday. This was not a monumental birthday...31. No biggie, but you wouldn't know it by all the celebrating that was done. Not just 1 day...3 whole days of partying!

Friday kicked off the weekend with a good old fashioned slumber party! Me and my sisterchicks spent the night at a hotel. We all met at the Hyatt by Perimeter and got dressed up for dinner. We had 8:00 reservations at Goldfish by the mall.

It was yummy! But, of course, you gotta get dessert. So for that, we went to Cafe Intermezzo. (sorry, no pics of that) It was fabuloso! Well, I mean, you can't go wrong with White Chocolate Amarillo cheesecake?! Mmmmm.....

After that, we were all pretty exhausted (yes, we're all old) and just wanted to go back to the hotel and get into our pj's. We ate snacks, opened gifts, and laughed and laughed!

We stayed up late and slept in. Well, some of us did. Kristen had to leave at 5:00 am!! Ugh... I got to sleep in till about 8:00. Hey, that's about 3 hours longer than I normally sleep! since everyone else had to leave, Amanda and I went to eat breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. I had pumpkin pancakes :) Once again....mmmmm!

Saturday night it was off to Medieval Times. It was SO much fun!! Amber, Brandon and I went and weren't quite sure what we were getting into. We got seated in the yellow section which meant we cheered for the yellow knight. He ended up getting killed. Go figure. We had good food, which we had to eat with our hands! Here's some pictures from the night:

You walk into this huge arena filled with fog. We got seated on the first row!

Amber, Brandon and I with our beautiful crowns!

We had to eat with our hands...yes, even soup!

We sat in the yellow section which means that we cheered for the yellow knight. He ended up getting killed.

Our knight threw out flowers in the crowd. Guess who caught one?!

Our waiter brought me some birthday cake. He was kind enough to bring me a fork!

Some shots of the show.

Perhaps one of the "highlights" of the evening was me getting knighted! The king himself dubbed me Lady of the Realm. Just let me know if you need any royal duties performed!!

After the show, we decided to go get dessert at Jillian's. Yummy! We all shared a chocolate fondue plate and hot sugared donut holes! This oughta be a sin!

Sunday was the family celebration. I got choose my favorite meal: mexican! Dinner was prepared by none other than chef, Clint Brown. Quite tasty!

Here's some pictures of the pre-dinner entertainment!

Evan trying to give Bo a hug.

It was an act of congress to get them all together for this crazy shot!

Clint showing off his latest deer and Evan wanted to ride it!

It was a wonderful weekend! Now it's back to reality!


Kat said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so glad a I got to be a part of your celebration! Fun, fun!

oh amanda said...

How cool! How did you get knighted? What was up with that? I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday lady of the realm -davis

Cindy said...

What a fabulous birthday weekend! I like "Lady of the Realm" the best!!
Happy 31st!

Brandy said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday! You got to wear a lot of crowns this weekend! Your family pictures are so cute!

Damselfly said...

Wow, happy belated birthday. I notice a dessert theme. Like the cheesecake -- when I looked at it, I read "armadillo" instead of "amarillo!" Fun pics!

Dad said...

HEY!!!! Clintie was NOT the only chef that night!! None other than Papa Son cooked the steak and chicken, thank you very much. Clint made the dips, just to set the record straight. Love ya, Dad

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