Sunday, June 10, 2007

Master's Party!

Well, you saw in a previous post that I finally graduated with my masters degree. Woo-hoo! So my brother-in-law wanted to throw a party to celebrate and seeing as how I'm not one to turn down a good time with friends and family, I was all for it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Upon my arrival, Pep wanted me to don the traditional cap and gown. He thought it would be funny to greet people as they came in. And as luck would have it, I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of me in the cap and gown. (Sense the extreme sadness in my tone!) It was kinda funny, though.

So once everyone got there, we ate yummy Mexican food prepared by none other than little bro Clint. He's become quite the chef and is our resident chef at all family gatherings.

Then what would a party be without games, so Mandi, being the clever little party planner she is, decided to play "Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader?" The questions were from various tests that I actually gave to my students. Turns out only 1 person, my cousin Raechel, was smarter than a 6th grader and she won a fabulous prize (a toy bowling ball set which she later gave to my nephew Evan)

All in all, it was a wonderful night. I had so much fun seeing friends I had not seen in a while. Thanks Mandi & Pep for a wonderful night I'll always remember. Love ya'll :)

Here's some pictures from the party:

Becky, me and Kristen

Paul, Elizabeth, me and Desiree

Derrick, Ella, me and Chrissy

Me, my cousins Hannah & Raechel, and my aunt Jean

Tera, me, and Matt

Chef Clint and me

Me and my grandparents, Mama-Lou & Ca-Ca

Richard, Dana, me and Wes

The whole Thornton clan!

Mandi, Evan, Pep and me

Mom and dad :)

Me and all the kiddos (minus little Bo who was sleeping)

Rest of the party:

And a little gift from Pep. Can't wait to wear it :)


Staci E said...

I had a great time at your party. It was so good to see everyone. We need to get together again soon!

Kat said...

A great time was had by ALL! And don't worry, I got a great shot of the graduate in the cap and gown to proudly display on MY blog!

mandi said...

Congrats again ... to the most educated one in the family!!! You make a great TEAHECER!!!

Brandy said...

Looks like your party was a lot of fun!!! Congrats! I really enjoyed all the pictures:)

Cindy said...

Staci- We missed your party! I hate that. Thanks for posting all the pictures. The party looked like a lot of fun. I especially liked the one of you and the little nieces and nephews. You are all soooo cute! I am hopping over to Kristen's page to see a picture of you in the cap and gown!

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