Thursday, June 07, 2007


Are you kidding me?! Paris Hilton is really out of jail? I'm in no way a fan of Paris, but I thought to myself that if she really did serve this 23 day sentence that she would, in some small miniscule way, redeem herself in the public eye by owning up to her mistakes. However, when I heard that she was "reassigned" because of an "unidentified medical condition" I about lost my lunch!

This latest charade makes her look stupid as well as the police department! Consequences are SUPPOSED to hurt! That's what makes them consequences!! So I'm sorry if her tummy hurt, or she got her feelings hurt, or she missed her hair extensions, but that in NO way warrants putting her in house arrest. Or should I say MANSION arrest?!

No wonder people these days are irresponsible or make careless one holds them accountable! I mean, 23 days in the slammer could've done Paris a world of good. I'm in no way as famous or well known as Paris, but I do have one thing that she'll never have if she stays on this path...independence. What kind of quality of life is it when her parents (or I guess I should say her parent's money) do everything for her?? Wait a minute, she's a bazillionaire so she'll NEVER know what independence is! She'll never have to work to support herself. That's sad.

So, Paris will spend 40 days confined to her luxurious mansion and at the end of her "sentence" ya know what she will have learned from it? And a lot of people argue that this doesn't teach her anything, but that's not true. She will learn a very important and valuable lesson: That she can get away with A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!


Beck said...

She's back in the slammer, baby!

Brandy said...

YIKES! That is about all I can say about that.

Cindy said...

This has completely driven me crazy too. When I heard she was out- I just felt that the sheriff, etc had just taken leave of their senses. What an awful example! So, I was relieved when she was picked up and taken back to jail. I know this is hard on her and her family- but this could be the one thing that gets her life back on a decent trajectory where she can put her pseudo-fame and piles of money to some good use.

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