Wednesday, June 27, 2007

License to Wed

Me and my friend Chrissy did a really cool thing last night. We got to go to a free screening of the new Robin Williams movie that's not even out yet, "License to Wed". I had gotten something in the mail saying that if I wanted to go, all I had to do was send an email to some address and they emailed me the confirmation.

Once we got there, we were greeted by 2 big security guards. They searched our purses, our bags and even ourselves with those metal wand detectors. Just wanted to make sure no one was going to video the movie and sell it online.

One of the oddest things that we noticed was that as people were walking into the theater, they were bringing in food. I'm not talking about popcorn or candy. I mean pizzas, Chic-Fil-A, and chinese food!! Bizarre! I guess because the movie theater was in a mall, they were just going to the food court, but I was always under the impression that you weren't supposed to bring outside food in.

Finally it was showtime!!

Me and Chrissy after the movie.

Our loot!

It was a really cute movie! Some really hilarious parts that had the whole theater laughing out loud! It kind of poked fun at the legalism of catholicism. I recommend it highly :)

After the movie we decided to get dessert. We went to "Cheeseburger in Paradise". I had never been there, but it was a really cool place. We got this yummy dessert, Chocolate Nachos.


oh amanda said...

Oh, I've been to the cheeseburger place before and had those nachos! Yum.

So, you blogged about a movie but not your CRUISE?!

Cindy said...

Staci- How fun!! Is Chrissy twins with Gloria or what??? You're going to miss her when they move!!

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