Tuesday, September 08, 2009

God is practical

I love it when God shows you something about Himself.

I got sick a few weeks ago and had to miss 2 days of school. Now, any other time, I'm happy to miss school. As long as I'm ready for it and can leave detailed sub plans. But having to be out 2 days in a row and leaving my class up to someone else is a little unnerving.

At that time, we were studying the metric system. Yawn. I don't really care for that unit and it's always been something that the kids either get it or they don't. There's really no in between. Plus, it's not something we use here in the states, so it makes it that much harder.

What does this with God being practical? Hang on...it's coming!

In checking in with my teammates, I found out my sub was 1) someone who is a regular. That's a good thing. She knew the school and I actually taught her daughter. [But here's the kicker!] She's from South Africa...

[What? You're not equally excited?!]

...where they use the metric system!!!!!! How cool is that? She probably taught it better than me!

So what does this have to do with God? Well, time and time ago God has proven Himself faithful. And when God proves Himself, He doesn't do it half heartedly.

When the Israelites left Egypt, it's not like they had time to pack up all their belongings. They left with the clothes on their back! No time to pack up road trip snacks! Now if that was me, I'd be in a heap of mess without my facial cleanser, lotion, hair straightener, toothbrush, makeup, and accessories. Don't think I would've really survived in Bible times!

So how does God provide for them? Only by giving them everything they needed.

~He provided food for them. Did they have to go and search for it? NOPE! He dropped it out of the sky for them! How cool is that?!?!

~He provided them with water. Water from the ground where it could get dirty? NOPE! Clean water straight from a rock.

~When they didn't know where to go, He gave them their own personal GPS system. They got a cloud to follow during the day. Aren't clouds wonderful on a hot summer day when the sun is just beating down on you? I'm sure God didn't choose a cloud out of happenstance. Not only was that cloud direction for them, but it was also relief. At night, He gave them a pillar of fire. There goes God being all practical again! A giant flashlight at night?!!? AND a giant heating system because the desert gets really cold at night.

I'm so grateful that God cares about the details of my life. And even thought I may not agree with everything He does, I'm learning to trust in Him. The Israelites had everything they needed and yet they still found something to complain about. I'm guilty of doing the same. I'm sure we all are at some point.

But in those times when I'm likely to complain, I try to remember all the details of my life where God has come through...in a big way. I've often felt spoiled by God because He has given me so much and spared me from much more. I definitely don't deserve it, but graciously accept it.

Thank you Jesus for loving me...unconditionally and undeservedly.


Lauren Kelly said...

I loved this!!! He truly does care about the little details!!! :)

oh amanda said...

Beautiful post, Stace!

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