Monday, September 14, 2009

Fire department and a concert

Typically when I go back to work on Monday mornings, the first question from everyone is "So, how was your weekend?" And the usual answer is "It was good. Too short"

Well, this weekend was an exception!

DAY 1:
Saturday morning started off with a call to 911. Yep, that's right. I said 9-1-1.

I was sitting on the couch messing around on the computer and I got up to go in to the kitchen. I immediately smelled something that was not right. It was a burning smell, but not like food burning. It was more of an electrical smelling burn. So I flipped on the light and then I noticed a haze filling the kitchen. Not smoke, but a haze.

Going into panic mode, I ran around checking to make sure everything was off and that nothing was on fire. All clear.

I just couldn't find the source of the smell, so I called my dad. After explaining the situation, I could hear the panic in his voice, which made me panic. He said I needed to call 911.

Yikes! This is for all I kept thinking.

The operator told me to get everyone outside of the house and wait in the driveway. So there I was, phone and purse in hand, hanging out in my driveway.

Then I heard the sirens going off because I don't live too far from the hospital. I then saw them turn down my street. Lights flashing, but thankfully they turned off the sirens. Lo and behold, about 10 minutes later another fire truck makes it way down my teeny tiny street. Oh, I'm sure the neighbors were buzzing!

Yes, there were cute firefighters...but they all had rings on :(

Back to to the story.

Thankfully nothing was actually on fire. They narrowed it down to the ballast in the lighting in my kitchen or the refrigerator.

My dad and mom made it over during the midst of all this. Dad was able to look at the light and rule out the light. The fire department said I shouldn't do anything until I have an electrician look at it.

I could just tell this 911 call was really beginning to add up. Joy.

Thankfully, a really good family friend is married to an electrician so I was able to get that looked out and he was able to rule out any problems with the breaker box or outlets or any other electrical problems.

So then I had to get an appliance service man out to figure out what was wrong with the fridge. Long story short, the compressor had gone out and it's already been replaced and working great!

DAY 2:
The weekend ended on a high note. A free Tobymac concert!! Need I say more? I guess I should preface this part by saying that I'm a huge, die-hard Toby McKeehan fan. Who? Well, you might recognize him as part of the christian group DC Talk. Saying that I'm a fan is an understatement. Have all the CD's, videos, etc. Been to all the concerts and have even waited around afterwards and met them several times. (I'm willing to bet they don't remember me, though. Ha!)

I'm not the "psychopatic crazed fan with posters all over my room". I'm a mature admirer of his art.

He's truly an amazing artist and, not that I know for fact, but he comes across as one of the most genuine and real artist out there. I just don't believe you can fake that. And believe me, I've seen him enough to know!!

This weekend there was a free Tobymac concert! It just doesn't get any better than that! So I called my bff who is also a fellow Toby "admirer" to go with. Wasn't much arm twisting involved.
Here we are so excited for the show to start!

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that a little band called Fee went on before him. I love me some Fee, but let's get real...I was there for some TOBY!

A little pre-show "admirer". The bus on the left is Tobymac's and the one on the right is Fee's.

All good admirers know that to meet the artists, you have to hang around the buses. This is Tobymac right before he went on stage!

Unfortunately, this was as close as we got to him all night! I could just be sick about it!! I guess growing old has weakened my "admiring" skills! The show was amazing! Truly, one of the best shows ever! He told us that he wasn't going to give it his all...and he did NOT disappoint!

I'm sorry because I know all these pictures probably look the same to you, but it just makes me so excited to see them!!
Ok, this next picture is going to make no sense unless I explain it. This was during their encore which they sang Jesus Freak! Vintage DC Talk. There's this one part in the song where the musics basically stops and then an all out jam session occurs. Right at the part where the music stops, the whole band...drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, table turner, and all singers FREEZE. They hold their poses for, and I'm not joking here, about 3 minutes. When you're in an arena with 1,000 people, 3 minutes of no one on the stage moving seems like an eternity. Then they break into the jam session part in full out force! The crowd went wild and don't think I didn't start gettin' my jump on! It was amazing!

So after the concert, we hung around forever trying to find him! We walked all OVER trying to find him. No such luck. We waited around so long that this was what the parking lot looked like:

We thought we got some inside scoop about where he was. Would you believe that we went to 3 hotels, a Starbucks, 2 Waffle Houses, a Steak & Shake, and an Applebee's looking for him?!?!

I think I just crossed over to the stalker side!!


Lauren Kelly said...


Too much excitement for one day!!!

And hilarious about the stalking, haha!!

Jason said...

love that good lookin' kid in getting Toby's autograph (back in the day)

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