Sunday, September 06, 2009


I tried using coupons today at the grocery store and I found out 2 things:

1. Coupons don't really seem to be geared toward a single person b/c most of the ones I had said you had to be 2 or 3 of the item to get the discount. You know how long it would take me to use up 2 or 3 cans of cinnamon rolls, packs of cheese or lunch meat?

2. I wonder if I bought some of the items simply b/c I had the coupon.

I saved about 10 bucks and yes, that's good...I guess.

So I'm calling on all you professional "couponers" for some advice!


Cindy Golden said...

I put my coupons in a notebook. I go thru the sale papers matching sales to coupons. The best are the Walgreens/CVS for free items/instant rebate and match with coupons. The best I've done is buy $75 last week for $5. Don't buy it if it isn't on sale. Try Kroger 10 for 10 and use coupons with it.

Good Luck!

Jenn said...

Hey... I'm not a professional couponer, but I've definitely saved a lot! I googled how to coupon, and there are so many sites! I'm almost convinced that you should never have to pay at CVS with all the ridiculous coupon deals they have! Good luck!!!!

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

Go to or (don't let the mom part scare you) if you haven't already. Both are really good. Mommysnacks has a "beginners guide" & steps. But I agree ... alot we don't even use just b/c it will go bad before we can eat that much up. But if it's a non-perish you can stockpile!

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