Friday, January 23, 2009

Premiere Parties

The economy's bad, gas is up, it's cold and wintry...but all is well in TV land! It's the greatest time of year because all the good shows are back on. Combine that with my love of parties and you get the ultimate Premiere Party!!

First there was 24.

Thanks to the writer's strike it's been a whole year since we've seen the yummy goodness that is Jack Bauer! So what better way to celebrate than with the yummy goodness of cookies. These were enjoyed at my sister's house as we watched Jack do what he does best!!

Then there was Lost. It just doesn't get any better! Although, after watching the premiere this week, I am more confused than ever...but I love it! Keeps it fresh! And it didn't hurt that Sawyer was shirtless most of the time! I decided to go with cupcakes. Each cupcake had a different scene on top. These were eaten up quickly!

The Dharma Initiative logo

Oceanic Flight 815

The wild boar

Then some random island scenes


Robyn Beele said...

The cupcakes are the cutest thing ever!! You are so creative! LOST was so good this week.

mandi said...

Love the cupcakes!!The one with goldfish does bring a gag to me just at the thought of cupcakes & goldfish, but all are super cute!!

Josh Lane said...'re absolutely killing me, especially since i had to read this post right in the middle of my churches daniel should so bake me some kind of tasty treat and send it to me to make up for it (hint, hint).

Becky said...

You're so crafty!

Kristy said...

That is hilarious! Too creative! We are obsessed with 24 aand Lost at our house too!

Liz@HoosierHomemade said...

What a fun idea! Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Cupcake Tuesday!

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