Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Fun Stuff

I love Christmas shopping! I love after Christmas sale shopping. Ok, let's face it...I love ANY kind of shopping...even grocery shopping. I actually think it's kind of a sickness with me.

So I wanted to share some of my fun finds with you!

My favorite is this dress from White House Black Market. I love this store. Granted, I've never bought anything full price because it's ridiculously expensive, but their sale rack can really be a steal! Plus, they have an outlet about 20 minutes from me. Mandi got me a gift card their, so I was so excited to spend it and spend it I did!!

The best part is that this dress was originally $160. It was marked down to $99, then they were having a sale where all their dresses were 40% off. Plus the gift card from Mandi and the 5% off I get for being a Little Black Book member, I ended up only paying about $35 for the dress! Ahhh....I love a good deal!

Now I just need some place to wear it! I actually have a wedding in March I'll probably wear it to, but if anybody's having a big soiree, let me know :)

Moving on to the next good deal...

Jeans. Ahhh, jeans. Finding the right pair is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Well, I found a pair at Express. It won't let me post a picture, but if you're dying to see ya go!

Now, if you clicked on the jeans link, you saw they were on sale for $50. I used a gift card I got from one of my students and only paid $25 for them :)

Next deal...

OK, not really a huge money saving deal, but I did use Christmas money I got and only had to pitch in about $4! I got 2 sweaters and 3 tank tops at Forever 21.

It's really cuter on. The shoulders are gathered and it looks more feminine. And I can't find a pic of the other one, but it's black and white striped.

Now for those of you shop at Forever 21, I wanted to point out something. Some of you might already know this, but I just noticed this on their cute bags...

Look what's on the bottom:

Did you already know this? It's certainly not a store that screams "I love Jesus" when you walk in, so I was curious and found this. Who knew?

I also bought some cute ornaments for my sisterchicks that I will give to them...hopefully on our next outing this Tuesday?!!?

So what sales have you taken advantage of?


Robyn Beele said...

I love that dress and you got a great deal on it! I had no idea that was on the bottom of their bags!

Kat said...

What a cute dress! You have gotten some really good deals! I spent some quality time in Target's 75% off Christmas aisle today myself!

Brandy said...

Awesome dress!

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