Sunday, December 21, 2008


Church was great yesterday! It was the final message in our series, Christmas Rebellion. (I would encourage you to listen to the series here. Click on "members & attenders".) It was about rebelling against assumptions.

We all make assumptions and usually, they are wrong. Ever assumed someone was pregnant...and they weren't?! Ouch! Ever assume some recipe you find online sounds good? Yuk!

Pastor Shawn actually began the Christmas story in Luke 1:11-20 when the angel came to Zechariah to tell him he would finally become a father.

Zechariah was standing in the presence of God's top angel, Gabriel, who was delivering a message straight from God himself and Zechariah still had a hard time believing. He immediately assumed that because he was old and his wife Elizabeth was old that it would be impossible.

How typical is that of us? Strike that last typical is it of ME!! I immediately look at my situation, my surroundings and inform God of the seemingly impossible situation. As if He was unaware of it.

Yes, things are bad in the world right now. People are fearful. We hear things might get worse before they get better. We pray for things that just aren't being answered the way WE want or in the timing WE want, blah, blah, blah...

...but the good news comes a few verses later in Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God."

We tend to assume that just because we had a bad year, that this Christmas is destined to be bad, too. But it doesn't have to be.

Think of what the verse means..."For noTHING is impossible with God! What are the "things" in your life? Substitute those "things" in the verse:

No "debt" is impossible with God!
No "loneliness" is impossible with God!
No "fear of the future" is impossible with God!
No "family problem" is impossible with God!
No "economy problem" is impossible with God!

You get the point.

Dear Lord ~ Help me to keep my eyes on YOU. Not my situation. Not what I see with my eyes. Help me to always remember that nothing is impossible with You!

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mandi said...

I loved this series:)

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