Friday, March 07, 2008

"24" + "Lost" = "Vantage Point"

Last night, I saw a really great movie! Don't spoilers here! I branched out from my traditional romantic comedy to see Vantage Point. One reason I wanted to see it is because of one of my new favorite shows, Lost! Matthew Fox is just scrumptious!! He plays a secret service agent and let me tell you...he looks go-od in a suit!

But, here's what's really good about the movie. It was a combination of 2 of my absolute favorite shows on tv (I guess you could probably tell that by the title of this post!) The basic premise is that the President of the United States gets shot and it's a "who dunnit" story. What's interesting is that the whole movie literally takes place in about 25-30 minutes, but they show it over and over from different key players' "vantage points".

24 fans: You'll love it because it's a taste of what we've been deprived of for so long (and will continue to be deprived of until January '09!). It's fast-paced, lets-protect-the-president, cool gadgets, think-you've-got-it-figured-out-but-you-really-dont, shaky camera, sit on the edge of your seat entertainment! I mean, if you need a 24 fix, this is the movie to see!!

Lost fans: You'll be hooked by all the different view points. It reminded me of how they go back and show you the character's back story on Lost. You see how they're all intertwined. Unfortunately, there weren't quite as many witty one liners as Sawyer provides for us.

Here's some eye candy to hold you over:

I HIGHLY recommend it. And when you see it...let me know what you think!!


Brandy said...

Gosh, we might have to see it! Maybe this would give us a 24 fix. We just saw College Road Trip and we loved it. Raven is so funny to me:)

Jessica said...

Ahh! Love that eye candy! Woo Hoo!

Angi said...

ME TOO! My 2 favorite shows - Lost and 24. Real bummer 24 wasn't on this season! Thanks for the review of Vantage Point - I'b been wondering if I was any good! I have such a sweet tooth - could really use some candy!

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to see this too!

Cindy said...

Staci- we have been wanting to see it- it sounds cool and I thought the same thing about Matthew Fox- Even though I don't love Jack- I think I do like Matthew Fox!!

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