Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peas and Carrots

Some things in life just go together: chips and salsa, chutes and ladders, black and white...and the Brown's and Thornton's!

We have been friends with the Thornton's for as long as I can remember. And when I say we've done everything pretty much means everything! We have gone on summer vacations together for about 25 years. Most all of my childhood memories have the Thornton's in them.

Now that everyone is grown up, married and with kids, it's harder to all get together. This weekend, however, some of us were able to get together.

One of our long time family friends got married, so we all met for the wedding.

Mandi, Evan (who was still trying to wake up), and dad

Staci (she's the only one I know who spells her name like me), her mom, Dana, and my mom

Staci's son, Stephen. He really does have arms...promise!

Staci & Stephen

My sister, Mandi, mom, and Evan (slowly still trying to wake up)

Mandi and me (we really were standing up straight)

Of course, when Evan did decide to wake up, it was time for the wedding, so we occupied him by drawing with the little pencils and tithing envelopes!

Some shots of the wedding.

Me, the bride, Candace and her sister Jenn. I have known Jenn and Candace since they were babies.

After the wedding, we went out to eat at the ole Cracker Barrell. Stephen and Evan really entertained us!!

They were hilarious! They copied each other and would just crack up laughing!

The boys' moms, Staci and Mandi, just enjoyed having the grandparents there to help!

It was a very fun night!!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! It was great to see you Friday night. I love the pictures of Stephen. Hope to see you again soon.

mandi said...

Why do we look like we're standing sideways?!?!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I love old friends! Good times...

Anonymous said...

Um...did they get married in front of a puppet stage made of tin foil??? LOL

Kelly said...

Looks like a fun wedding! You and your sister are cute!

Jessica said...

You looked super sassy in your black dress! : ) So cute!

Kat said...

Yes, I love that dress! You go girl!

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