Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check her out

After months of stalking me on my blog, one of my teacher friends, Josie, decided to start her own blog! She team taught with me last year and I miss her terribly this year. She got moved up to 7th grade. Go visit her and read about the adventures she has with her boyfriend!

By the way, remember the "interesting" Valentine's Day gift I got last week? Look what was left in my box at work:

I could tell by the writing it was Josie :)


Josie said...

I wasn't actually stalking... just "peeping" - and hey, it got you a replacement gift!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

How sweet!! What a great friend. :)

Jessica said...

Aww!! What a sweet friend! Every teacher needs a great encourager, and it sounds like you have a good one! : )

Brandy said...

That's fun!

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