Saturday, September 15, 2007

Very Vera

Talk about craziness! I went to the Vera Bradley outlet sale this weekend. It started Thursday. Mom, Mandi, and I went down to the Cobb Galleria after work. By the time we got down there (Atlanta traffic!) we had about an hour to shop. As we walked in, we were handed trash bag size pink bags to shop around with. There was rows and rows of quilted patterned treats otherwise known as Vera Bradley heaven. Now, I'm not a die hard VB fan, but this sale was unbelievable. We decided to all split up and meet back by the concessions. It was like a scene out of a movie! People dodging each other, swiping merchandise off the table. After we had shopped as long as they would let us, we headed to the checkout and headed home.

On the ride home, we talked about going back later. Yeah..a little obsessive, but we figured out that we needed to go back with lists of stuff to buy mainly for gifts and such. So we planned to go back Saturday morning. I had plans of meeting Cindy Saturday afternoon. So, we met at 8:45 am in order to get down there and have about an hour to shop before I was going to head out. That was the plan...

When we got down there this morning, we noticed that there was a line outside the door. Ugh...luckily it moved fast. We finally got inside the building and as we were approaching the door we were funneled outside again! And when we walked outside, we sunk a what we saw:

I felt like I was at 6 Flags in line for a roller coaster. Those zig zag lines! Well, it wasn't quite as bad as it looked. Total amount of time in line from parking lot to inside was about an hour. We finally got in and the mad dash began.

Today was the last day of the sale, so the selection was pretty much wiped out, but somehow I still managed to buy a whole trash bag full! Anyways, you would've thought that each vera bradley piece was a drop of water in a barren wasteland. Grown women were running and snatching up pieces as soon as they were put on the table. So once again, we all split up and decided to meet at the check out. Well, unlike Thursday night, we had to wait in line. And this is where we ended up spending most of our time.

The line was definitely entertaining though. There were people who had brought their own shopping carts because they knew how much they were going to buy. But probably one of the most intriguing things was the people who bought dog carriers (Yes, VB makes carriers to carry your precious pooch) I'm talking about 5-6 dog carriers. I finally asked one lady why she had so many. She was actually buying them for her mom and mother-in-law who indeed had that many dogs. Another lady I asked (who had 6!) said that she was buying them for her daughter who was going to put her Webkins in them! Then there was 1 girl we overheard who simply bought one because it was so cheap! What she was going to do with it is beyond me! (They were cheap by the way: $9...down from $97!)

So 2 hours later...we finally made it out, then had to brave the traffic out of the Cobb Galleria. So... another hour later, we finally made it home.

I unfortunately, did not get to meet Cindy (sorry!) We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We just thought we'd be in and out of there like we were Thursday night. WRONG!

But it was definitely worth it. We had a good time.


Brandy said...

That sounds very fun! That is the way to get your hands on some Vera Wang!

Kat said...

I can't believe you made out with all that product!!!!!!! Can you give a girlfriend a call next time, please??????

Becky said...

I AM a die hard Vera Bradley fan, so I'm dying right now that I didn't know about this! How did you hear about it? Is it something they'll do again?

Alicia said...

I could kick myself in the bootie for not going to this! It sounds like u guys had quite an adventure :) said...

Talk about crazy, we drove from West Virginia for the big sale, actually having relatives 3 hours away from the sale helped, we left at 4:45 on Friday morning and when we got there the line was long but not a long wait, we had a blast, I pushed my mother in a wheel chair as she would not have been able to walk all that long, Friday night we decided we wanted to go back and got up again Sat. morning and headed for the sale, that was a MADHOUSE day, we did get inside but we saw that they were lined up outside. One woman said she had been there since midnight waiting to be first in the door. I had never even owned a Vera Bradley pocketbook until Friday. It was sure an experience I will never forget..... looking forward to next April.

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