Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor-free Weekend

I know it's been forever since I've written anything and the only reason is because I quite possibly live the most boring, uneventful life on the face of the earth. So to further prove my point, here's a recap of my labor-free weekend:

Friday PM:
~Met my friend Amanda and Lydia at Bennihanas. Yes, we went all out! Lydia had a little "aversion" to our chef. She cried the whole time he cooked our food, but once he left, she was fine. It was pretty funny :)

Saturday AM:
~Graded a lab I had my kids do. Most of them did pretty well on it. There are a few parts I'm going to have to review tomorrow in class. We've got a test on Thursday. I'm trying to put the fear of God in them for this first test!!

Saturday PM:
~Went to a 2 yr. old's birthday party. Staci Thornton's little boy turned 2 and they had some friends and family over. (For those that don't know...we're practically family!)
~Met K-dogg at the movies and saw The Nanny Diaries. It was pretty cute. Fairly clean, too.

Sunday AM:
~Went to church. I've been going to Mountain Lake Church for about 3 weeks now. So far, I like it. We'll see!
~Went to the mall and used my Victoria Secret free panty card! Looked for other stuff, but no such luck.

Sunday PM:
~Got a mani/pedi and eyebrow/lip wax. WAY overdue!

~On the way home, got 2 movies: Catch and Release and (I'm a little embarrassed by this) High School Musical. C&R was cute. Nothing to rave about. OK...why HSM?!?!?! It's coming to the Fox around my birthday and I thought it would be fun to do: get dressed up and go to the Fox! So I thought I'd better see it to know what it's about. I have to admit that I liked it!

Monday AM:
~Slept in till about 9:00. That is about 4 hours later than usual!

Monday PM:
~Called around and FINALLY found the comforter I wanted. It's by Nate Berkus. I called around to 4 different Linen's N Things and finally found it in Roswell. I've still got shams and pillows to get. One step at a time!

~Went grocery shopping! This has got to last me a while.

So ya see! You're not missing much!


Kat said...

Puleese! Your life is NOT boring! You just think it is! I'm so glad you updated.

Brandy said...

Yeah, I have been waiting for the next post! Hey you forgot to add to Sat. that you passed 3 famous people out walking on Shallowford Rd. Oh well! I love the new comforter! Nora and I went to the grocery today too. I hate grocery shopping! Well, have a great day back tomorrow! Nora and I start fresh tomorrow-:( :)

oh amanda said...

Stace! Whatever! I love hearing about your life. Shoo-bom should give lots of intersting blog fodder. And the belly-button boy.

Amanda said...

Oops, forgot to mention I LOVE the comforter. Nate Berkus' stuff is so cute...he had some purple stuff last year that was awesome.

And HSM, huh? I've got it tivoed right now.

mandi said...

sounds like a fun weekend to me! I LOVE the comforter:) I hope Shoebomb is preparing for his test:)

Damselfly said...

Are you kidding me?! I'd rather have had that weekend than the one I did have!

Jenn said...

Staci, I read your blog (I don't remember how I found it though), but I LOVE your Nate Berkus comforter. I bought one on clearance from L&T a few months back -- got the whole set for $80.00 (Shams too). You're is so cute!! :)

Cherie said...

Staci Laci, mix in some kids, an eye injury for my son, travel and the fact that it HAS been forever for me for a mani/pedi wax and that sounds remotely like my weekend. NOT... Oh to be single! Sounds like you are doing well!

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