Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

What a fun mid-week treat! My roommate's boyfriend had tix to the Braves game. Not just random tickets where you need binoculars. We were 26 rows from the field, right behind the dugout. It was really cool!!

Here's some pix from the fun night: none of those are about baseball! Woops! We had a little too much fun with the camera. Here's some baseball moments:

But perhaps more entertaining was the people sitting around us:

The "Glimpse-Into-The-Future" couple. I joked with Amber that that would be her and Brandon 20 years from now. Of course, they both told me to shoot them if they did end up like that!

The Drunk Couple. They were disgustingly drunk! Slobbering all over each other. There's one at every game.

I didn't get a picture of him because I was too busy joining in the fun, but one of the ushers would run through the row and high-five everyone every time there was a homerun hit. There was at least 3 hit last night!

It was such a fun night! Thanks Brandon :)


Amanda said...

How fun was that?!

mandi said...

Looks like fun!!

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