Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Stumbles

Let's get right to it!

The Christmas Conundrum
Wow! This one really makes you think about Christmas all together.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake
I made this last year...twice and I can't wait to make it for this year. Delish!

...and finally a shameless plug!
My Thirty One open house!
Need some Christmas gifts?  Shop online at my 31 open house for some cute bags and totes!  Anything ordered by Dec. 12 is guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.

Link up below so we can all read what you found!


Anonymous said...

That is a thought provoking Christmas article. As for your 31 party, good luck! I just bought one of the all-in-one organizers...I think that's what it is called (with all the pockets)...and love it!

Kristen said...

Oops! Sorry, Staci! That was me saying all of that last...not anonymous. Don't know why the computer did that! :-)

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